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Hey ya'll!

I know I say this almost every time I update, but I really need to get back into LJing. And I'm going to try especially hard this time becaaaauuuuussseee...........


My sister Lucie is pregnant! It'll be the first grandchild in the Clayton family so this is pretty exciting. And even though it's not my baby and I'm not going through the pregnancy journey myself, I want to keep a blog of this experience as something to look back on. I really dig the Facebook memories thing, and seeing what was posted "on this day" in years past is fun! But there are things I don't necessarily want to share on FB, and may even need to make private, so what better reason to get back into LJ?

So, here's a little bit of basic info for anyone I've lost touch with, or for those of you I connected with during my last short stint of activity:

I'll be 32 on Thursday, and am now married to Michael (32). My maiden name is Clayton, and that part of the family consists of my parents, older brother Nic (35, married to Tonya), and younger sister Lucie (25, first name is Samantha, married to Andrew).

Michael and I live in Ann Arbor with our two guinea pigs Charlie (5) and Salem (2.5), and our Shih-Tzu/Pomeranian Maisie (2). Mom and Dad live about 45 minutes away in the town I grew up in (ages 2-12) with their dog Quincy (12ish). Lucie and Andrew live in a town near Mom and Dad, exactly one hour from me, with their 3 cats (all only a couple/few years old). Nic and Tonya live about 2.5 hours north, and are actually looking at houses even further north right now. They have a dog named Remi, who is probably about 8 or 9?

Michael's mom (Susie) and stepdad (Mark) live about nine minutes from us. His siblings from that marriage are Kayla (24/25), Mariah (21/22), and Allie (19/20). He also has a brother, Jason (29/30) from Susie's marriage to their dad, Greg, who lives about 20 minutes from us. Greg is dating Lisa.

I think that's about all you really need to know off the bat. The real reason I wanted to update today was because my sister invited me to accompany her to her first OB appointment, as Andrew is out of town this week. I worked a half-day and then made the hour drive out to Lucie and Andrew's. This was her very first OB appointment, so we discovered that she's seven weeks pregnant, not eight like she had estimated. We got to see the heartbeat :)

I wasn't a huge fan of the nurse that saw her, though. She was pretty abrasive and had an awful bedside manner. I couldn't help but judge her upon noticing the "blue lives matter" bracelet on her wrist. Then when she asked if there was a father's name Lucie would like in her file, and she gave Andrew's name (they have the same surname), the nurse was like, "And Andrew is... husband...?" When Lucie said yes, the nurse replied, "Oh good, you don't hear that very often!" Um what? So unprofessional. I don't care that most of that city is a poor area and you probably see a lot of young and/or unwed pregnant women. There are more professional ways to approach that question, and that comment wasn't necessary. Not all unwed pregnancies are "bad" and not all married pregnancies are "good." Your opinion on a patient's marital status should not affect the care you give, therefore it shouldn't be voiced.

Anyway, besides the crappy nurse, it was a fun experience. I'm really glad Lucie asked me to go with her. It was exciting to have that "official" confirmation that there was indeed a little fetus growing in there, and how all of our lives are going to change this Fall. I'm excited for Lucie and Andrew, and can't wait to find out what they're having (what's more fun than baby shopping?!)!

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I think I've decided to start journaling again. If you can see this on your friends page, comment and re-introduce yourself. It's been a loooooong time!
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